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Warranties vary per manufacturer and delivery option.


Warranty Limitations and Exclusions

  1. The warranty is void if the furniture is modified or altered in any way after delivery & setup.

  2. The warranty is void if any aftermarket protective treatments are applied to the furniture after the original factory packing has been opened. Natural variations in color, texture, physical distressing and other inherent features of manufactured wood furniture, as well as components characteristics, are not considered defects.

  3. The warranty applies under conditions of normal residential usage. It does not apply to defects or damage resulting from negligence, abuse or misuse – including but not limited to inadequate or improper maintenance, exposure to water, salt air, chemicals, accidents, any use for which the product was not designed, or commercial use (including rental, business, commercial, institutional or any non-residential use), pets, nor does it cover ordinary wear-and-tear.

  4. Because of the natural materials used in the manufacturing process, minor variations will occur from piece to piece. These are not considered defects under the warranty.

  5. Sunlight will cause wood, finishing materials, and fabrics to change color – these changes are not considered defects under the warranty.

  6. Extremes in temperature and humidity can cause both wood and finishing materials to shrink, swell, warp, split, and glue seams to fail. These conditions are not considered defects under this warranty.

  7. Rubber lamp bases, lamp cords and some types of plastic materials may soften and injure the finish if left in direct contact with the furniture for an extended period of time. Such damage is not considered a defect under the warranty. To avoid this, place a piece of felt or leather under these materials where they contact the furniture.

  8. Direct contact with petrochemical products, (nail polish remover, alcohol, etc.) will damage the finish – such damage is not considered a defect under the warranty. Wipe up any spills or dampness on your furniture immediately. Use a clean cloth and wipe with the grain of the wood. First, wipe with a soft cloth dipped in a mild soap and water solution and wrung out; wipe again with a second clean cloth; then dry thoroughly with a third cloth.

  9. This furniture is not designed for outdoor use except express stated outdoor products. Damage due to exposure to outdoor elements is not considered a defect under the warranty.

  10. We strive to provide an accurate representation of the finishes, fabrics, and materials displayed in its catalogs and on our website; however, due to changes in lighting and a wide variety of resolution qualities on different computer monitors and printers, some color variation is possible. To determine the exact color of a finish, fabric or material, we suggest that you visit our store.

  11. This warranty does not cover floor samples or other products designated “as is”, “close outs”, or “final sale” at time of purchase unless otherwise state on final invoice.

Manufacturers each use different woods, hardware and factory's, therefore their warranties will differ.

Bayside - 1 year
Best Chair - 1 year
Coastline - 1 year

Cordaroy's - Lifetime
Dolce Babi - 1 year
Franklin & Ben - 1 year
Jackpot - 1 year
Lakeside - 1 year
Maxtrix - 5 years
Million Dollar Baby - 1 year
Pali - 1 year
Rooms4Kids - 5 years

Why does warranty vary per delivery option? 
With customer pickup and delivery only each at home assembler will have different levels of skill, knowledge, and tools.  Unfortunately, that means furniture can be assembled incorrectly therefore causing damage.  If a piece of furniture needs to be replaced or repaired the customer will need to bring the piece to us for exchange.   For a fee we can set up a appointment and send our team for a service appointment.

We are confident with our delivery team and fully warranty their work.  An in-home warranty is provided based on manufacturer length.

Warranty Claims Procedure

Please email photos or video with a brief description of damage/defect you are wanting replaced to


There may be a request for addition al photos.


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